Saturday, August 05, 2006

The calm before the storm

You wouldn't know it to listen, watch or read the national media, but up here in hairy Scotland the examination results are due early this coming week. On Tuesday morning, the SQA will deliver the official verdicts on pupil abilities via the traditional letter through the post. (Though apparently there are plans to send them via text messaging next session - can you imagine it: "Maths not gr8"?)

I'd say good luck to one and all, but it's all decided now. It's a strange time for a teacher, but let me also say that it's one of the real joys of the job if you are able to go back to work in the new session and meet pupils in your care who have done well. And, of course, to sympathise with those who haven't - well, provided they worked hard, that is, otherwise you can let the unspoken "if only..." hang in the air.

Of course this also means that - in the Scottish press, at least - on Tuesday we the teachers get some form of verdict delivered unto us as well, in that we'll waken up to headlines either along the "standards falling: what can be done?" or "exams get too easy: what can be done?" variety.

I wonder which one it will be?

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