Sunday, August 12, 2007

Round up

A few sites worth checking out... first up, Vlorbik is hosting the XIV Carnival of Mathematics here. This is a round-up of all manner of maths-related websites and I'm honoured (or should that be honored) that this humble blog has been included.

On the back of this mention, I'm chuffed to bits that the joke press conference (Bush & Brown) has now been linked to by some other bloggers too... see here for an American educationalist's take on the TIMSS business, and here for the sheer joy of this blog making it into what I think is the Dutch language. Dank U!

And finally, a mention of reel fanatic's movie-review blog here. Sure, the blogosphere is heaving with many such sites, but I like the choices, and admit to having a soft spot for Macon, Georgia.

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Koen Vervloesem said...

You're welcome for the link to your blog post about Bush and Brown. It was marvellous!