Sunday, August 13, 2006

Be careful out there

Cruel as it may seem, tomorrow sees the start of schools returning for the new session, in some poor authorities at least. Some others get to wait until towards the end of the week, while others yet get to wait another week... but wherever we may be, we can hear the bell tolling (or maybe the bleeper bleeping, in newer schools) and we know the holidays are not long for this world.

So, wherever you are, whenever it is you're back out there, let me wish you good luck and - in the never-bettered words of Hill Street Blues - "be careful out there".

Good luck especially to all the newbies (sorry, NQTs), and to any student teachers out there - won't be long now.

Och, I'm getting all emotional...

(Those of you not in the teaching profession may, of course, wish at this point to mutter astonished comments along the lines of "six weeks holiday - what're they moaning about?!" Go on, you know you want to...)

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