Monday, August 28, 2006

Anoraks of the world unite!

What is it with maths teachers and the sheer, unfettered joy of keeping lists or ordering things? Or is it just me?

Och, we complain about paperwork - and rightly so - but, you know what, give us a list of marks to write up, or papers to put in order, or a good bit of solid filing to do... and we're in heaven. Maybe it's to do with always looking for order and reason, or maybe we're just control freaks. Mind you, I bet the truly gifted mathematically are probably less inclined to get out the coloured A4 dividers and go crazy filing old Higher homework solutions....

What's all this leading to, you ask? Well, jings, crivvens and help ma boab, have I not found the perfect website for... sorting out your library!!

What's that? "Why would I want to bother?" Well, see what you think: have a look at and see if you can resist temptation. I'm in there somewhere, happily cataloguing and rating books. Feel free to drop by and say hello, if you can find me!

And yes, it's free.

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