Sunday, May 27, 2007

Letters to my mathematics class... coming soon

I see from a review in the Guardian here that the mathematician and writer Ian Stewart has a book out in paperback called “Letters To A Young Mathematician”. Nice idea, Ian! Way to go, etc.

But those of us at the chalkface (or interactive whiteboard face, if you prefer, though it doesn’t have the same ring and whiff of dust to it) know that this can be taken further. Oh sure, by all means write a book for young Nigel the maths geek… but what about the rest of the class? What about Wayne, who wouldn’t know a quadratic if it fell on him from a great height? What about Nikki (two Ks, two Is), who currently has her book upside down? And what about Lee, who has his finger up his nose?

Fear not, people, for the-proof-is-out-there is here to help. I give you… letters to my mathematics class. Enjoy.

(Posts to follow, honest!)

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