Friday, May 25, 2007

Higher musings

OK, late again, but better than nothing...

General consensus for this year's Higher Mathematics exam was that it was more or less OK, if a bit... meh. Kids found paper one (no calculators, folks!)** pretty straight forward, whereas paper two was more challenging. My first sight of paper two left me a bit concerned, but I think the questions looked worse than they actually were once you got down to it and gave it a go. But three questions in paper two on logs/exponentials? That's a bit weird.

Mind you, if you're going to make one paper harder than the other, at least they got this the right way round. If I was being picky I'd say paper one was too easy, but I suppose they made up for it later.

There you go.

(** unless of course you are allowed to use a calculator in the non-calculator paper... don't get me started, I'm saving this up for another time)

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