Monday, July 31, 2006

About the links

When it comes to IT stuff, I have to take pride in the smallest of achievements. So, regular readers of this blog (ahem) may well anticipate my elation at managing to edit the links toolbar menu thingy on the right hand side of the page. Note the use of technical terms... I've even gone so far as to claim to have coded in HTML, but that's just pure bluffery. So thank you, blogger, for making things easy.

So, a word about two new links added.

"Mathworld" is pretty much an online Bible for maths in terms of offering definitions, theorems, proof etc as well as providing breaking news (usually of the "nth prime discovered" variety) which can be entertaining if shown to a class, who will have little concept of anything new happening in maths; it also offers a few animations which may be of use. Be warned though, 'cos it's high powered stuff so you might have to rummage to find school level material.

"History of Maths" is a fabulous website run by the University of St Andrews: anytime you're looking to get the lowdown on who to blame for a piece of maths, this is the website to turn to.

I'll add a few more sometime soon, but these are my desert island maths-related websites. Which is a strange concept, I admit. Coming soon: desert island maths books...

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