Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm in love...

After all these years, it seems that the search is finally over... I've long been a fan of the Pilot drawing pen, though frustrated that it's only available in black. But it's never felt quite right to me, for some reason, so I've vascillated between it and a few other makes when seeking a black pen for school work (Staetdler, I'm talking to you here). And what size nib to use? The 0.1 is elegant but feels a little too fragile, while the 0.3 feels a bit overkill.

And all the time the solution has been staring me in the face! Have Pilot been making a 0.2 nib for some time, or is it brand new? Either way, I stumbled across one the other day, and whahey, I'm in love! (Well, within acceptable limits of those of us with stationery fetishes, of course.) It's sharp, clean, and has all the depth and definition a jobbing sums teacher needs. Just writing with it, you can practically feel your handwriting getting neater.

Now all I have to do is persuade them to make models available in red and green... the campaign starts here.

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