Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, michty me, would you credit it? The mathematics outcomes are indeed now available on the LTS website which you can find... och, away and google it yersel'. Not had much time to look in detail but... hmm... could be worse, I think, but I'll reserve judgment for now.

However I am amazed to see that a particular rumour is indeed true. The maths outcomes contain the numeracy outcomes (and extend them), so obviously it's helpful to be able to quickly see which is which in the full list of outcomes... and so step forward, A Curriculum for Excellence, for the first of our "Pure Mince, So It is" awards, for the sheer brilliance of deciding to... print the numeracy outcomes in green, and the maths ones in black.

Yup. Green. That's it. No italics, or different font, or even font size... just green type.

Did I mention that these outcomes aren't being published in paper form but are instead just to be taken from the website? And then freely copied and distributed to staff?

And they think this is going to happen in colour?

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Bruce said...

Gasp! No entry yet for 2008! Don't worry, I know you're busy :)