Sunday, October 28, 2007

Man bites dog

Wow... an academic (I think) is claiming that there is too much exaggerating of the figures for bullying in our schools - as in over-exaggeration. It seems that we are guilty as a society of wrapping our children up in cotton wool, instead of getting them used to some of the hard knocks which life will throw their way. (Hey, it's my blog, so I can mix metaphors all I want.) See here for the article in the Guardian reporting this.

FWIW, I agree a far bit. I'm impressed by how much is done to combat "genuine" bullying in schools (compared to in my day), but I do think that some parents can have unrealistic expectations of how much the school can do about "lower level" stuff - name-calling and so on - and how quickly the bullying tag can be applied to stuff which is more your everyday sort of sometimes-kids-can-be-wee-beggars. (Which isn't to say that name-calling can't be devastating, either, in some cases.) Encouraging kids to stand up for themselves is surely a good thing (that, and perhaps karate lessons).

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