Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maths Teacher Goes to the Movies: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yup, I'm on a roll... shame that it's such a summer of sequels though.

Anyway, on we go for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, or HP5 if you prefer.

How's the movie?
Well, you know what, I quite liked it. Very dark and not much in the way of action until the end, but I thought the director caught the atmosphere of the book well - and additional kudos for keeping the running time down, given that HP5 is the longest of all the books by some way. Imelda Staunton completely runs off with the film for her performance as Dolores Umbridge - impressive to end up so scary whilst wearing pink - whilst the lead actors acquit themselves pretty well. I mean yes, of course they look too old, but we're well into suspension of disbelief territory here anyway, so I can go with it.

The weirdest thing of all for me was seeing the film in an old style cinema which insisted on having an intermission... very much not appreciated.

How's the maths?
In Harry Potter? Are you serious? A shame I suppose not to see "Harry Potter and the Simultaneous Equations of Doom", or indeed to ever meet a maths teacher. Do they even have them at Hogwarts? Maybe Snape teaches sums in his spare time...

Can I teach with it?
Back to sequel-itis here. You could compare the length of each movie with the respective length of each book, I suppose, and see if there's a connection. This could be as simple as drawing some nifty bar charts, or (further up the road) as complicated as doing a statistical test like the... um... can't remember which one would work... the ummm... "hingummy" test, perhaps?

Overall score?
I'm happy to award the movie four out of five stars (two stars from Gryffindor and one each from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw - no stars at all from Slytherin, obviously).

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