Saturday, June 23, 2007


My, but there's a lot of blogs out there in Maths-land! For someone like me - who ends up saying "times" instead of "multiply" on a bad day - the maths can be rather high-powered, but all the same there's some fascinating material out there. When I remember how to add links to this site, I'll list a few.

Meanwhile, this leads me nicely into linking to an amusing maths video link here - scroll down to the second clip. Made me laugh.

I might even try to show it to some of my classes this week, as they begin to demand that they be allowed to play games etc as the end of session approaches. After all, they've been watching DVDs in History and RE for ages now... but never fear, we maths teachers are made of sterner stuff, and keep the little darlings busy to the end. More or less.



beans said...

That's the way it should be as well! They're meant to be taught for a certain amount of weeks, and yes maybe some treats can be thrown in at the end (like annual school events), but students shouldn't be allowed to think that after exams they can 'chill out'. Some find it pointless attending after exams! \rant :o

maths teacher said...

You'd be surprised even more, beans, if you were up here in Scotland. Our senior students have exams in May, then come back in June for four weeks prior to the holidays... rather a weird way of doing things, and I'd much rather have the exams just before the summer break, as happens down south. We start new courses as best we can for these weeks, but it's a bit of an uphill struggle as you can imagine.